Questions about online ordering.

  • • Do you accept tax exemptions on online ordering?
    If you are tax-exempt and have placed an online order - please email with your receipt information and tax exemption form. While we can not accept tax exemptions via online ordering, we can offer a refund once our team can verify the exemption status.
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  • • How do I locate the restaurant near me?
    Visit  to place your online order.  Enter your address in the space provided or select the around me icon. From there, click Search for Locations for the restaurants available near you. 
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  • • How do I use my Tex-Mex Insider account with my online order?
    Visit Enter your order preferences and your home address, click Search for Locations. At checkout, click the bottom, black, button for “Tex-Mex Insider.” This will route to Insider login -- utilize Insider details to login, and then, site will return to the ordering cart.     Click Tex-Mex Insider SIGN IN.   From t...
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  • • May I see my order history?
    Yes, you can! You can view your Recent Orders when you login under the My Account tab.
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  • • I ordered online and want to cancel my order.
    If your order is placed as ASAP, it can not be canceled due to the payment being processed as well as the food being in production. You may attempt to call the restaurant if its less than 3-5 minutes from the order being placed to see if the order has not been made.    Scheduled orders can be canceled so long as the food has not been prepared by...
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  • • I ordered online and my food was cold.
    We’re sorry to hear about the quality of your order. Please fill out our Guest Experience Form here.
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Restaurant locations.

  • • Katy
    300 Westgreen Blvd., Katy, TX 77450 832-321-5927   HOURS:  Sun-Thurs 11-8:15pmFri & Sat 11-9:15pm   Join the Waitlist Order Delivery Menu 
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  • • League City
    2504 Gulf Fwy, League City, TX 77573 832-340-2446   HOURS:  Sun-Thurs 11-8:15pmFri & Sat 11-9:15pm   Join the Waitlist Order Delivery Menu 
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  • • Pasadena
    5144 Center Street, Pasadena, TX 77505 713-575-2700   HOURS:  Sun-Thurs 11-8:15pmFri & Sat 11-9:15pm   Join the Waitlist Order Delivery Menu 
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  • • Pearland
    3515 Business Center Drive, Pearland, TX 77584 281-617-7812   HOURS:  Sun-Thurs 11-8:15pmFri & Sat 11-9:15pm   Join the Waitlist Order Delivery Menu 
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Answers to questions about nutritional information, allergies and vegetarian options.

  • • Do you have vegetarian options?
    Yes! Please see our vegetarian options below >>  Guacamole Fresco Queso Blanco Mi Tio Nachos - Topped with Cheese, No Refried Beans, No Meat, Add Black Beans Machete Salad - No Meat, No Bacon  Taco Salad - No Meat Shrimp & Tostada Salad - No Shrimp Fajita Salad -No Meat  Veggie Fajitas - No Rice, Add Black Beans, Add Corn Tortillas Veggie Quesa...
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  • • Calorie counts for menu items?
    We do not have calorie counts at this time; however, if there is a menu item you're accustomed to ordering, we can provide the ingredients to help you make a healthy decision.  Please visit our Inquiry Form to request additional information. 
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  • • Where can I locate your nutritional information?
    We realize nutritional information is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle; however, at this time we do not have exact nutritional values to share. Any dietary questions and/or restrictions may be answered prior to dining by discussing your needs with management, prior to ordering. Please visit our Inquiry Form if you have further questi...
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  • • Low calorie menu options?
    Of course! We suggest any items from our "Soups & Salads" section would be the best decision for making low-calorie selections.  Recommendations: Machete Salad :: no cheese, no bacon, red salsa for dressing Chicken Fajita Salad :: no cheese, red salsa for dressing Tortilla Soup :: no cheese, no tortilla strip topping  Shrimp Tostada Salad :: no...
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  • • Do you have low sodium options?
    Yes, some of our options for low sodium options would be from our salad menu >> Shrimp and Tostada Salad Machete Salad Chicken Fajita Salad For grilled shrimp & grilled chicken, we suggest requesting no seasoning. This will be cooked to order, so please note that it will take a little longer to fulfill the request. Beef is high in sodium. 
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  • • Do you have a gluten free menu?
    We sure do! You can find our gluten-free guide here.     
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Answers to questions about recipes and ingredients.

  • • May I get the recipe for my favorite dish?
    We appreciate your interest in preparing our great tasting Tex-Mex at home! Unfortunately, our true recipes are proprietary. In lieu of, we'd be happy to share the list of ingredients for a dish so you can take a stab at it!  Complete our Inquiry Form for more information.  
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Answers to questions about delivery and catering.

  • • Can I order my food via take-out or delivery?
    You can order take-out from all of our locations.  And find us on DoorDash - delivery available for all! 
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  • • Do you cater?
    We Cater to You! Our one-of-a-kind catering services start by communicating with you to understand the unique needs of your event and end with exceeding your expectations. We offer an assortment of tasty ways to entertain your guests. Whether it’s a dinner with friends or a lavish wedding reception, with Jimmy Changas Catering – it’s a FRESH hit...
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Answers to questions about Happy Hour.

  • • Do you have a happy hour?
    We do! Our Happy Hour Specials are >>  *Pearland location not included in Happy Hour specials.   
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Answers to questions about our kids menu.

  • • Jimmy Fun Facts
    Fun Facts About Jimmy!  What type of monkey in Jimmy? He is a bonney macaque -- he's a hip, cool, kind of guy -- always the friendlist one in the barrel. Where is Jimmy from? He is from Southern India, but has since hopped on a plane to Houston since he was in search of his namesake, and discovered delicious Fresh-Mex! Does Jimmy have a sister?...
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  • • Do you have a kids menu?
    We *LOVE* our little monkeys! You can find our niño menu below or click here.  
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Answers to questions about reservations and large parties.

  • • Does Jimmy Changas take reservations?
    We seat our valued guests on a first come, first serve basis. We don't accept traditional reservations. We do offer a "Join our Waitlist" feature via our website for parties 6 and under. Visit Joining our Waitlist to learn more. Remember, this is not a reservation and you will need to check in with the host stand upon arriving at the restaurant ...
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  • • Waitlist Best Practices
    Step 1: Join the waitlist no more than 1-1.5 hours before arriving {if you join too early, we cannot accurately gauge the wait time for your fellow diners} Step 2: We only notify/seat parties that have checked in at the host stand {we don't know you are here unless you tell us & we only seat parties that are present} Canceling: If you join the ...
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  • • How do I use the Join the Waitlist feature?
    Visit to Select "Join Waitlist" Add your information to form Click "Join Wait" Arrive at restaurant Check-in with host stand to let us know you are here! Please note, we do not call parties until they have checked in at the host stand to avoid holding tables for parties that have not arrived. Max 6-10 guests to jo...
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  • • Do you seat incomplete parties?
    An incomplete party is considered a party size of 6 or more guests in which not all guests are present at the time of table being ready. In order to best service all guests and keep our wait list accurate, we ask at least 75% of party is at the restaurant in order to be sat when table is ready. For Example:  Party of 10 When table is ready, w...
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  • • Accommodations for large groups, 8 or more.
    We welcome all party sizes! Though each of our restaurants are slightly different in shapes and size so accommodating large parties {groups of 8 or more} vary from location to location. Please know we will do our very best to accommodate your group. At most locations, groups of 12 can be seated together at one long table, no problemo! Above 12 g...
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