Answers to questions about program benefits and how to become an Insider.

  • • What are the program benefits?
    Our program offers many benefits including >>  $25 welcome reward added to your account upon registration must be redeemed in full on next visit 1 point for every dollar spent and $5 for every 100 points earned  Receive information about rewards and other important Insider news via email Earn points when you purchase gift cards 24-hou...
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  • • How do I become a Tex-Mex Insider?
    We'd 💚to have you!  Ready to Join? Become an Insider Here Or visit your local restaurant to purchase your membership  
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  • • What restaurants are part of the Tex-Mex Insider program?
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  • • Difference between WiLD Tribe and Tex-Mex Insiders?
    My WiLD Tribe is a free email club we use to communicate with our guests all the hot-of-the-press news within our company. It includes: Free Queso Dip upon joining {allow 24-hours to arrive} Exciting News, Restaurant Openings & Upcoming Features An active email account is required per member Two members cannot share one email address ...
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Answers to questions about registering cards and purchasing cards online.

  • • Is there a fee to join/become an Insider?
    IS THERE A FEE TO JOIN/BECOME AN INSIDER? Yes! We think being an Insider is kinda a big deal so we ask that you pay a $25 Membership fee to join and upon your completed Registration, we give you a  $25 Registration Reward. This way, we know the Tex-Mex 🖤is mutual and we are now an official relationship. You Pay $25, You Receive $25 Rewa...
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  • • How do I register my card?
    To register your card, visit  You will be prompted to provide your Insider card number.  If you are unable to access the online registration, please visit our Tex-Mex Insider Inquiry Form. 
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  • • If I purchased my card online, when will I receive it?
    If you purchase your card online, you will receive your card in the mail in approximately 7-10 business days. Ready to earn points immediately? Sign-up at one of our restaurants, you will receive your card on the spot! 🙌🏼
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  • • More than one member on an account?
    Our program is intended for individual use - only one membership card will be issued per email address.
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Answers to questions about earning points, what won't earn points, and earning points without Insider card.

  • • Can I earn points on alcohol purchases?
    Yes -- points can be earned on. However, based on a State Restriction -- rewards can not be redeemed on alcohol. 
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  • • Can I earn points when I book a private dining room or catering?
    Of course, you can!  However, only a maximum of 3,000 points may be earned in a single day. $3,000 = 3,000 points Private dining deposits are not eligible for earning points this is because no goods or services have been rendered yet. Service fees do not earn points.    *PLEASE NOTE: Insider card MUST be purchased prior to the event. Card...
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  • • What won't earn points?
    Points cannot be earned on >>  $25 membership fee tax tips gratuity discounts complimentary offers delivery fees set-up fees  orders made through DoorDash reward redemptions under the program redeemed gift cards If you have questions regarding the points earned on a transaction, please visit our Tex-Mex Insider Inquiry Form. 
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  • • If I purchased my membership online and have not received my card, can I still earn points?
    Points can not be accrued prior to receiving your card in the mail. If you intend on dining at a location before receiving your card, please consider purchasing the card in store when you visit! 😄 This enables you to register and use your card the start earning points immediately. 
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  • • Another diner pays the check, may I accrue those points on my account?
    Points are ONLY credited to the person who pays for the check. For example, if you're dining with a party of 8, and the party decides to split the checks - you can only apply your Tex-Mex Insider Card to the split check you have submitted payment on. If you were to provide payment on more than one of the split checks, you may receive cred...
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  • • Can I still earn points if I forgot to bring my card?
    Absolutely! Here's what you'll need >>  Phone # associated with your account OR Use our check-in feature via our app to receive an exclusive code for your server to enter
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Answers to questions about receiving rewards, redeeming rewards and how long rewards are valid.

  • • How do I receive my rewards?
    Once your account has reached 100 points, your points will automatically convert to a $5 reward. The reward will be applied to your account and available for immediate use. Rewards are only issued in $5 increments.  Breakdown Dined in & earned 127 points 100 points removed from account $5 reward earned Account Balance = $5 Reward & 27 P...
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  • • How do I redeem rewards?
    There are multiple ways to redeem your TMI rewards:  Present your Insider card to your server Provide your phone number to your server to look up your account Check-in on the Insider mobile app -- provide 4-digit code your server  Up to $250 in any rewards can be redeemed in one day.  $5 Rewards expire one year after date of issue.
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  • • How long are my rewards valid?
    $5 Rewards are valid for 12 months from the date they are issued.  $15 Birthday Reward is valid until the end of business day on the last day of your birth month.  $25 Registration Reward is valid for 12 months from the date they are issued.  Rewards will not be reinstated or extended.  If you have questions or concerns about your reward...
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  • • How many rewards can be redeemed in one day?
    $250 maximum of rewards may be redeemed in one day. This can be a combination of $5 Rewards, $15 Birthday Reward and/or $25 Registration Reward, but maximum is $250 value. Yes -- (50) $5 Rewards may be redeemed at one time. But not (51) $5 Rewards 😁
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  • • Do I need to log in to my account to receive my rewards?
    No, your rewards will be automatically applied to your account once you’ve reached 100 points. $100 spent at restaurant = 100 points = converts to $5 Reward On your next visit, you can decide to use your rewards or defer them.
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  • • How do I receive my $25 Welcome Reward?
    Once you’ve completed your account registration >> Register Your Tex-Mex Insider Card. Your $25 Welcome Reward will be automatically applied to your account at the end of the business day (at midnight) on the day you registered and must be redeemed in full on your next visit. 
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Answers to questions about managing accounts, logging in, and lost passwords.

  • • Can I manage my account online?
    Yes! Login in to your account by visiting to view your account balance, edit account information, and view your transaction history. On Desktop: You can also view your account information via our Tex-Mex Insider app.
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  • • What do I need to log in to my Insider account?
    To login to your account, visit our Insider Website or our mobile app. For both desktop website or mobile app, you will need: Email Address Password Trouble logging in? Please visit our Tex-Mex Insider Inquiry Form. 
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  • • How do I edit information on my Insider Account?
    Two options for editing: On your desktop, visit Tex-Mex Insider Website OR Open Tex-Mex Insider mobile app - Apple can be downloaded here Android/Google can be downloaded here For Desktop Access "My Account" with via Log In Provide user name {your email} and password Click Log In Navigate to top bar and click “Edit Account" ALL ...
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  • • I've lost my password, how can I login to my account?
    If you cannot recall your password, click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page or on your mobile app.  For Desktop:  An email will be sent to the email address registered to your account that will allow you to update your password.
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  • • I lost my username, how can I login to my account?
    We're here to help! For a quick response, please visit our Tex-Mex Insider Inquiry Form. You'll need your >> Tex-Mex Insider Card # Phone Number
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  • • What if I have a question about my account?
    We're happy to help! Please visit our Tex-Mex Insider Form for questions.  
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